Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is a play script just an "information delivery system"?

In the previous post I provided a link to the book: Off Off Broadway Festival Plays 34th series. One of the short plays in the book is called
"Realer Than That" by Kitt Lavoie.  Kitt is the Artistic Director of The Cry Havoc Company, which focuses on developing new plays. www.cryhavoccompany.org

 If you follow the link you find the web page of Cry Havoc Company and the Cry Havoc Podcast, a series of recorded discussions of subjects related to developing new plays.


This is a link to an mp3 recording of a discussion of the "Elements of a Well Written Play"

It's interesting subject matter, complete with the assertion that a play script can be thought of as an information delivery system. A script is also described as a blueprint of a production, and as a skeleton - the structure of a body whose muscle, skin, hair etc. is provided by the director, actors, and other artists associated with a production of the play.

Playwrights may be more than a little taken aback by this. But it is an idea that is firmly dug into the thinking of theater people who also believe that the playwright often doesn't actually understand what his/her play is about, and it is only after the director and the cast get their hands on it and work with it that the play within the script emerges.

I wonder if David Mamet eagerly awaits the magic that a developmental theater company performs on a new script that he might hand over to them? I've also heard it said by some well known actors and directors that their sole purpose in producing a play is to serve the vision of the playwright.  What do you think?


john degaetano said...

Hi Larry, I've written several plays including some new 10 minute plays I'd like to talk about. Please let me know if you're interested in hearing about them

Larry Crane said...

Hi John - I'd love to hear about your ten minute plays.I'd also like to hear about the venues that you are thinking of submitting your plays to.

john degaetano said...

Hi Larry,
I've written several Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays. A series of short stories in script form created to be performed by groups of all ages. I can see school drama classes taking their class on a journey back in time to explore a few mysteries with the iconic characters. Also I think elder active senior centers would enjoy acting out the series. I am also interested in performing this short series in the form of 10 minute radio plays and the suspense that goes along with that type of venue.

More information is on my website at John DeGaetano Productions or here is a short video information link on the books http://youtu.be/mEZjVZfraNQ

Regards, John DeGaetano